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Flashlike rollover-animation for all your links
Enterain your visitors with this cute little rollover-animation and enhance the visual impact for all your textlinks. Made for IE4x.

Test the script
Just move your mouse over this textlink to test the rollover-animation. The effect looks like a Flash animation. However it's pure and simple DHTML!


Step 1: Download the script-file 'ringmarker.js' as ZIP-file. Unzip the script-file 'ringmarker.js'. Put the unzipped script-file 'ringmarker.js' into the same folder as your webpage.

Step 2: Open your webpage. Paste the following code right below the <body> tag of your webpage:

IMPORTANT: Do not paste this code into tables or <DIV> and </DIV> or between any other container!

Step 3: Add the following red code right into your textlinks or imagelinks:
<a href="" onMouseOver="showrings()" onMouseOut="hiderings()">

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