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Great have I wanted to share with you
This Passover meal we have now come to
From the streets and the seas
In the synagogues Iíve preached

A little while from now is victory
My death I must allow
Remember me.

This cup is my blood that is shed for you
This bread is my flesh that is given too
The hope for men, my life is spent
For the new-life covenant

I saw you in the dust and in the sea
If you love life you must
Remember me

I give my life: a sacrifice for you
I give my life: what more must I do?

Iíll never again make this bread my meal
Iíll not drink the fruit Ďtill the plan becomes real:
When the Spirit makes the birth
Ďtill my ruling of the earth

If wandering you fail come back to me
Iíll billow out your sail
Remember me