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As good as the second-generation fireflies were that I designed in 1985, the new self-propelled ones are far superior in many ways.

The old fireflies that are presently in use at Disneyland have a cloth sail around the light that catch air currents from a hidden fan, and need to be hidden themselves because of this in greater darkness. The new self-propelled firefly works the moment you plug it in without needing any cumbersome fans around to create a breeze. The new fireflies don't require the cloth sail around the tiny light anymore, and so can be placed closer to your guests than ever before. There is new freedom of expression and surprise in your selection of display. They appear somewhat like a spider on a thread, and even tend to blend-in with the background in the daytime when carefully installed. See the installation link in the menu for tips on this.

Since the fireflie's lights go out and on again in their flight, each one appears to be two or three, from the randomness of their re-appearing.

The new self-propelled fireflies are weather-proof too! Leave them out all year and enjoy.

The charm and enchantment of the fireflies are hypnotic, and add the quintessential touch to every scene they are in.

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