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Chris and Malcolm,

I believe I have found thee van for Creativations.

I would like to share with you why I chose this particular dealership to get the most for our money.

Galpin Ford is the worldís #1 volume dealer of any dealership of any car in the world; owned and operated by a man who has been friends with four US Presidents and is often invited to White House functions. He is a leader in the community and has the reputation as a man of superb upright moral character. He gives brand new cars to local church pastors. His used car section is like a trip back in time: The cars are immaculate and entirely refurbished for whatever they may need.

I looked over their collection of used minivans and noticed the price range from $17,000 to $25,000. I found the most perfectly and beautifully designed one to be the among cheapest. Itís a 1999 Nissan Quest. It has the fold down seat, and the detachable middle seats that I could fill in with the equipment I will need. The doors slide open on either side.  Itís stock features are luxurious as its practical ones are useful: the roof racks are already in place. I looked at the engine and it is undetectable from the brand new ones. . Amazingly, there are only 55,000 original miles on it. The oil on the stick was as yellow as honey. This car is for all intents and purposes brand new. The styling is right there with the latest fashion, which will cast the company in a good light. It has a sloping down front hood, which is good for milage, but also makes it a great place for the mural and logo, which I suggest would begin there and flow around the sides. It would look very impressive, and appropriate for a company that is on the leading edge.

Itís white, which lends to the Creativations logo, and I could not find the slightest scratch on itís surface. I looked over every square inch of that car. We go into this vehicle knowing that the brake drums and shoes, and tires, and all things concerning what gets worn, are brand new. Heís a great guy to work with, and I hope to hear your go-ahead on its purchase.

The list for this car is $17,000, their asking price is $16,000, and I asked if they could go down more, and he said he could make it $15,000---and itís the best one there! This comes with 6 months or 6,000 mile warranty, where all parts and labor are free. This coverage can be extended for a price yet to be determined. They would require $1,500 down, and $300 a month payments. I vote for this car very strongly, and even looked it up in this monthís Consumer Reports and found it has good ratings. I know that other dealerships would not have this manís over-and-beyond integrity, which is why I went there.

They are online with all their cars, even the used ones.

This is the link to the actual car in question:

(To really see the car you have to click on the smaller photographs and they will come up larger.)*1&vehiclenumber=NLCA0002.1/0312553A&site=used


This couldnít have come at a better time for me, as I received this note taped to the windshield of my present car the morning before I met with you:

It's a funny world...


Here is the card of the representative to contact:

Please advise,


PS I understand you made the time to go to Disneyland to have a look at the place, and my fireflies.  I understand they don't always have my fireflies in the best state of repair, but I hope they were displayed right when you were there.  Isn't that a beautiful setting for the fireflies there...