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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I use Fireflies?

Indoors or outdoors:

Fireflies are the quintessential touch of fantasy to any scene. They perform in a darkened area, and require a flying distance of from a 3 foot circle, to a 6 foot circle, depending upon the amount of air current.  

Yes, it is necessary for an air current to make the fireflies do their dance. Outdoors it is often left to the natural breeze of the evening, as it only takes as much air to move the fireflies as it does to make wind chimes work. A hidden fan is otherwise used; this is how it is done at Disneyland. It allows you the perfect adjustment of air to make them dance the way you like.

Do they look real?

I admit to seeing fireflies for the first time on the 4th of July on vacation in Tennessee, and was amazed at how very authentic I had come. Call it serendipity, there was absolutely no way you could tell the difference from the real ones when actually compared side-by-side. Only the living fireflies weren't fooled!

How many fireflies makes a good scene?

Use as many or as few as you want, as in nature they are found in varying numbers. I have included a photograph of real fireflies on the bar at left to illustrate. You  can't over-do it, or under-do it. Many times I've noticed that a single pair can be enough to set off a truly great setting, as by a waterfall near a swimming pool, or a shed. They make a nice reflection on water, and talk about a perfect centerpiece for a party.. 

What can I expect when I open the box and look inside?

 The fireflies come in an attached assembly in pairs

     There is a 10 foot power cord of durable yet thin wire (24 gauge) attached to your choice of a

           plug-in power transformer, or a 'C' or 'D' battery holder.

          The Fireflies are attached: one in the middle, and one at the end.

             These fireflies are suspended 5 feet from a very durable, though very thin (30 gauge)

                   power wire 

                  The Firefly itself is a tiny light affixed to a rectangular backing and is thoroughly 

                        weather-proofed for outdoor display year-round

                       All in one assembly, carefully rolled into three coils

Are they hard to install?

Not in the slightest. It's no different than draping garland over a Christmas tree, and a lot less involved. You hang the power wire, let down the Fireflies, turn on a fan, turn off the lights, and MAGIC! 

The firefly wire assembly is easily attached to an overhead surface with thumbtacks, so long as you do not pierce the wires themselves. Usually you can drape the wire over a tree limb, or a bush, or an eave.

The kind of fan you use is up to you.  I have always liked the box fan for the speed settings to match the mood.


In places where the observer is under artificial lighting is very good to make not-so-dark places seem much darker, and so great for placement of fireflies: like outside the window of a lit room at night, or beside a bush at a well lit party.

For a more natural look, hang your fireflies from differing heights. Though they will, in their swinging go higher and lower from wherever they are, it looks very good to cover as much area as you can, from the ground up. As the firefly goes out, it comes on again in an unpredictable place, and give the appearance of an additional firefly. This is because the light is on one side of its wing.

As always, I will be available to help you in your every Firefly need. So feel free to ask!

Tim Carter