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Where can I use Fireflies?

Indoors or outdoors:

Fireflies are the quintessential touch of fantasy to any scene. They perform in a darkened area, and require a flying distance of a 3 foot circle.  

Do they look real?

I admit to seeing fireflies for the first time on the 4th of July on vacation in Tennessee in 1999, and was amazed at how very authentic my efforts had come. Call it serendipity, there was absolutely no way you could tell the difference from the real ones when actually compared side-by-side. Only the living fireflies weren't fooled!

How many fireflies make a good scene?

Use as many or as few as you want, as in nature they are found in varying numbers. I have included a photograph of real fireflies on the bar at left to illustrate. You can't over-do it, or under-do it. Many times I've noticed that a single pair can be enough to set off a truly great setting, as by a waterfall near a swimming pool, or a shed. They make a nice reflection on water, and talk about a perfect centerpiece for a party!

How long do the light bulbs last?

The lights are not light bulbs, but LEDs---The same lights you have in your VCR or DVD player.  They never need changing, and last virtually forever.

Are the fireflies weatherproof?  Will they be alright left out in the rain?

Absolutely.  In a year of testing, the fireflies have been very resilient against rain and weather.  I once fished one out from a pond and it started right up! 

Not to worry, they are guaranteed for life against any natural damage or mechanical failure.   


As always, I will be available to help you in
your every Firefly need. 
So feel free to ask!

Tim Carter