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Dear Christian,

I hope you’re taking good cover while you’re reading this.

I want to tell you how proud I am that you’re going through all that you are, for our country and for the world. There is no adequate compensation for men and women who risk all they’ve ever known in this world so that everyone can have a greater world, worthy of the world with a country like the United States participating in it. How can we thank you enough! We can begin by recognizing heroism for what it is. What most people believe a hero is, is someone who saves the lives of his fellow men, or ends the lives of the enemy. That is merely the opportunity to do what you are prepared to do. Opportunity only proves what was already there in your character, and helps others comprehend the quality of your determination and duty. For me, there is no question of its existence in every troop in the field, as just being there entitles you to the crown of HERO.

The quality of life bought by brave soldiers like you, and the immensity of how much of that experience so rich and happiness-filled we have as a result, always lived, makes many of the people back home confused. They don’t know that the world doesn’t get up with peace every day without your help. It is far from their knowledge that despots like Saddam Hussein have no part or portion in that peace. It is far from their understanding that on this earth, the quality of peace is in direct relation to the quality of the last war. You may be very pleased to know: The quality of this war, because of you, is of the first order of greatness, and the peace that it provides the sanctity of human life is the safety behind the brawn of your protection. If it were up to me, every person who served the United States of America in combat would never want again for the rest of their lives, back in the States. People become celebrated heroes who risk much in a moment of time. What should become of those who risk all in weeks and months of moments? The satisfaction you can know is that your sacrifice can and does effect a quality of peace that the whole world could almost believe existed with nobody’s help, and has always been here. I’d say, with success like that, your mission has been entirely a success. Thank you!